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Damouchari - Fakistra hiking (Youtube video included)

The following hiking took place on 10th of October 2017 for the route Damouchari - Fakistra - Damouchari

Pelion is heaven on earth for hikers, offering a wide variety of hiking routes one can choose from.
For those who are inexperienced, afraid of not being able to complete some of these routes, we are obliged to inform you that if by taking one route per day, starting from the easiest ones, after 3-4 routes you will experience rapid improvement concerning both your physical condition as well as your mood. No route has an age limit, everyone can do this.

These being said, once the decision is taken, you'll need to procceed to a standard preparation. Buying the necessary supplies is quite important since there is no organised beach/supply store on any of those routes. Picking the right shoes as well as bringing in a hiking club can make a difference.
The hiking to be described below is of the path that connects Damouchari to Tsagarada, took place on 10th of October 2017, yet seems like a random June day.  Here is a short description of this route and some useful information for those willing to take on this challenge/task:
First of all, you need to be focused on the route to spot the point which connects Damouchari's path to the main path leading to Tsagarada, which is on your left. Missing it will drive you to higher altitude, making you walk back down to get on the right track, even though that mistake can be a chance of taking some photos with wonderful view.
The journey sets off as soon as we pass by the wooden bridge, climbing the mountain towards Tsagarada to the most difficult, yet very pleasant part of this route. A little higher and we get the chance to take a panoramic photo. 
Down the road for another  10 minutes where our path meets another pathway and we continue our journey, simultaneously enjoying the natural landscapes on our left, accessible only by a boat or by those who are brave enough to leave the lane.
The “Sporades Islands” is now within our field of view.
From here on, the lane is now becoming easier to handle.
We can now distinguish the place where “krifo scholio” (“krifo scholio” is translated as hidden school in Greek and is the school that secretly operated through the age of the Turkish Rule) is located, though still camouflaged to its most part. A perfect place to someone to rest, relax, meditate. 
Before we keep going down the road, we come across a graphical small church. 
The whole route from the very beginning to its end as well as “krifo scholio” offers a unique thrill, one can experience  only by being there.
Οn our way back, we pass by Fakistra, another Pelion secret known to few ,a beach ideal for a swim.
Another refreshing dose of Damouchari by the mountain before we finally return to it .
It’s October and Damouchari’s taverns are still open to visitors. What’s simpler than enjoying local “tsipouro” along with local product-made salad. All those beautiful memories in our mind till we come back.

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